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Raviva - Organic Matcha Green Tea 30g


Raviva Organic Ceremonial Matcha green tea is stone milled from the highest grade first spring harvest organic tea leaves from a single farm estate in Kagoshima Japan and blended by an expert Japanese tea master.

L-Theanine is the main ingredient in green tea along with tea catechins which are antioxidants. L-Theanine is produced in the roots of the plants. The tea plants on the Kagoshima organic tea estate are allowed to grow for 5 years before first harvest so that the roots of the plants can grow deeper into the ground, absorbing maximal nutrients to produce beneficial glutamates, including L-Theanine.

The tea plants are grown under shade, without any direct contact with sunlight, for the last 4 weeks before harvest. This process starves the plant of sunlight, and forces its roots to work overtime in drawing nutrients from the ground. The result is a more complex amino acid profile, giving finished Matcha its wonderfully complex flavours.

Taste profile
Light-bodied, smooth, without any traces of bitterness nor astringency. It leaves an incredible creamy mouth feel, just like ‘Matcha Latte’ and a long Umami finish.. It has an extremely vibrant vivid green colour.

Ingredient: Stone milled organic ceremonial Matcha green tea powder

Servings per package: 30 Serves

Suggested Use

Use1g (2/3 of a teaspoon) in 100ml of water at 80°C or less.

How to brew Matcha

Matcha is a suspension, that means it cannot “dissolve” in water. It can only be mixed evenly. Ideally this should be done using a multi pronged bamboo whisk (chasen) but there are work arounds using a metal whisk.

Store in a cool dry place. Our Matcha comes in a biophotonic glass jar also known as mirron jar which filters out the more damaging rays of the visible light spectrum and allow portions of the UVA and infrared light waves in, keeping the products inside fresher for a longer period of time.

The biophotonic glass jar is 100 percent recyclable and can be re-used at home for storing products.

✓ Japanese certified organic
✓ Premium ceremonial matcha
✓ Relieves anxiety and stress
✓ Increases focus and attention
✓ Improves the immune system
✓ Packed with catechins & L-Theanine
✓ 40mg L-Theanine per g Matcha

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Matcha consumption maintains attentional function following a mild acute psychological stress without affecting a feeling of fatigue: A randomized placebo-controlled study in young adults

An intervention study on the effect of matcha tea, in drink and snack bar formats, on mood and cognitive performance

Determination of catechins in matcha green tea by micellar electrokinetic chromatography

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