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Hemp Connect - Hemp Protein Powder 500g



Hemp Connect Hemp Protein Powder is a beautiful high-quality source of plant protein, great for active healthy lifestyles and those in need of a plant-based protein alternative! An easy addition to both savoury and sweet, its limit is your imagination!

Why we love it?

  • Good source of protein

  • Good source of fibre

  • NZ Made and NZ Grown

  • Packed with love by Hemp Connect

  • GMO/GE-Free

  • Spray-Free

  • Subtle nutty flavour!

  • Low in sugar

  • Dietary Fibre

  • Lots of vitamins and minerals!

  • Free of pesticides and additives

How do I use it?

Hemp Connect Hemp Protein Powder has a subtle nutty flavour that makes it a suitable addition to savoury and sweet. It can be easily used at home to incorporate into day to day dishes and nutritionally bolster any meal, and is especially useful in vegan and vegetarian cooking as a protein substitute!

Hemp Protein Powder is commonly used for dietary supplementation and contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass when consumed as part of a healthy diet.

So mix your protein powder into smoothies and juices, sprinkle on cereals, thicken soups, stews and sauces or bake into sweet treats. If you’re after a quick hit simply blend with milk or water!

Uses are limited only by your imagination. But no need to do all the hard work yourself, check out our recipes to discover a world of possibilities.

So how do we make it?

Nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Manawatū-Whanganui region Hemp Connect and a collective of kiwi farmers cultivate hemp. After hemp seed oil is pressed from the whole seed, the remaining cake enters a milling process. A series of milling and sieving steps allows the hemp protein powder to be separated by its light weight and desirable fine texture. The resultant protein powder has the characteristic earthy green tone and subtle nutty hemp flavour that we love!

Is hemp protein powder a plant-based protein?

If you are looking for the best plant-based protein substitute, our hemp protein powder is an excellent choice.

Hemp seeds are rapidly becoming one of the most popular sources of plant-based protein in NZ. Hemp Connect uses a part of the plant to make a protein powder that has a very high protein content. This is the whole hemp seed, which contains more protein per 100g than beef.

So, when you add our protein powder or flour to your meals and when cooking, you will be adding much-needed protein, and it all comes from plants!

Is your product a vegan protein powder?

We are proud to supply our New Zealand grown vegan hemp protein powder across the country. It is made entirely from Plant based natural ingredients. So, all you get from our hemp protein powder is a natural, vegan and vegetarian-friendly, healthy protein substitute.

Are you looking for high fibre foods in NZ?

Did you know that hemp is also rapidly increasing in popularity as a high fibre food?

The hemp seeds used to make our protein powder contain a higher fibre content than oats. There are lots of other health reasons for choosing our protein powder, not to mention the delicious, slightly nutty flavour it offers. However, if you are looking for high fibre foods in NZ, hemp is a great choice.

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