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What is Dirty Keto and Lazy Keto?

What is Dirty Keto and Lazy Keto?

The Keto Diet has reached a massive audience, and rightfully so; ketosis is an incredibly effective and efficient way to lose weight.

Like any positive lifestyle change, though, the Keto Diet still requires commitment and work in order to maintain it. This is why forums, Facebook groups, and online support communities that allow Keto dieters to connect have been springing up all over the web.

During the course of your experience with the diet (or even if you've just scratched the surface with a bit of research), it's possible you've encountered a couple of somewhat disparaging terms being dropped in Keto-related conversation online. These are "Lazy Keto" and "Dirty Keto."

What do they mean, and what should we make of them?

Lazy Keto

The term Lazy Keto is used to describe a version of Keto that tracks carb intake exclusively, leaving protein, fat, and calories uncounted. Its primary goal is to keep carbohydrate intake under 20 grams per day.

Many Keto dieters track macronutrients at each meal, but Lazy Keto is less strict than the traditional practice. People who do Keto this way tend to enjoy its casualness. In many cases they do, in fact, lose weight. Twenty grams is a small enough amount of carbohydrates to keep the body and brain consistently burning fat as fuel.

So, Lazy Keto is definitely not a free-for-all. It simply tracks one important aspect of the diet: carb consumption. The other rules revolve around this focal point and aren't subject to as much scrutiny.

Dirty Keto

Dirty Keto is similar to Lazy Keto in that it focuses on keeping carbs under 20 grams, leaving other macronutrients out of the equation.

With Dirty Keto, concepts like "health foods" and "clean eating" are optional. Put another way, you're allowed to eat instant meals, prepackaged snacks, and even fast food -- just as long as you follow the 20 gram rule. A Dirty Keto meal might be a low-carb frozen enchilada, or a fast food burger with no bun.

Obviously, there are drawbacks because you're not fueling your body in the best way, but Dirty Keto lets you take it easy and keep it affordable. It provides a much-needed sense of relief for busy individuals who balance work, family, exercise, and diet.

Dirty Keto recognizes that clean eating is impossible in certain situations. You're allowed to forgive yourself for eating in a way that suits your demanding lifestyle.

Don't get caught up in the terminology

These terms are generally used in discussion groups to judge people who can't devoutly adhere to Keto 24/7. At Go Keto, we don't use them. You deserve support for whatever version of Keto you're currently practicing.

Although you'll feel much better and have better health outcomes if you choose to stick to the "strict" version, many have lost weight successfully using these variations of the diet.

It's far better to be doing Keto with a personal twist than not doing Keto at all.

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